Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Filed by Former Police Chief

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DECATUR – A Macon County Judge agrees to dismiss a lawsuit filed by former Decatur Police Chief Brad Sweeney.

The motion to dismiss was filed by the City of Decatur and City Manager Tim Gleason.

Gleason fired Sweeney February 4, and Sweeney filed suit for wrongful termination seeking his job back, with back pay and compensation. Judge A.G. Webber upheld the motion to dismiss after a 90 minute hearing where attorneys for both sides argued their points citing case law.

Judge Webber granted the motion to dismiss with leave to replead in 14 days. He says Sweeney's attorney should amend his complaint separating the City and Tim Gleason.

The City and Tim Gleason will have 14 days thereafter for a responsive pleading.

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