Proposed Funding For Illinois Schools Update


DECATUR- The new Illinois State Board of Education's report for school funding released numbers that will fare average for Decatur Public Schools however, many schools will see a decline like Taylorville's school district. These figures are in response to the Governor's financial funding formula for schools in Illinois.

For COO of DPS Todd Covault its been a struggle having to understand the finances according to the budget impasse. Covault said, "now they are talking about FY 17's budget and they don't have an FY 16 budget. It's guess upon guess."

And according to State Senator Andy Manar the new numbers that are based off of Gov. Rauner's budget address only widen the gap between the "have's and have not's". Manar sponsored the only budget bill the Gov. signed last year to increase funding to rural and urban schools. And now the report would basically negate those strides that were made.

Manar said, "We fought hard for that last year so that we could take small steps to address the neediest districts first and the fact that the Gov. zeroed out those things isn't going to move us forward."

Decatur Public Schools is looking to get $625,000 if the Governor's numbers are the options chose. Lawmakers still need to make a decision between the original ISBE numbers and those based off of the Governor's budget numbers.

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