Manar’s school funding reform proposal clears Senate Committee

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SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Andy Manar’s (D-Bunker Hill) plan to update the state’s education funding formula passed through the Senate Executive committee on April 13.

Senate Bill 231 would provide state funding for education based on student need while ensuring that no district would receive less state money than it did in the 2015 – 16 school year. Senator Manar says Wednesday’s vote is a great step forward in changing “the least equitable system of funding education in the nation.”

“I’m fully committed to hearing input from everyone in the legislature, and throughout the state as this proceeds through the legislature,” Manar adds.

This legislation comes after lengthy conversations with school district leaders and lawmakers statewide, and officials say it pays careful attention to Governor Rauner’s desire that “no school district lose money under any reform of the state’s school funding formula.”

Several advocates, community stakeholders and school officials were present for the bill’s hearing.

Senate Bill 231 passed the Executive committee by a 10-1-6 vote. It will now go before the full Senate for consideration.

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