C-U at Home and Phoenix Center Have New Location


Champaign- There’s a new home for Phoenix Daytime Drop-In Center and C-U at home.  The organization serves the homeless.  The new location is at 34 E. Green Street in Champaign. 

 Phoenix provides various services for the homeless. There are tables and Chairs, board games and 2 computers for public access to the internet.  They also offer a living room, coffee for just 25 cents a cup.  And homeless residents can use the center as an address to receive mail. 

 With this new location, comes even more.  The Phoenix Daytime Drop-In Center now offers laundry and shower facilities.  The goal of C-U at Home goal is to bring help and healing to vulnerable people without an address. 

 There’s a ribbon cutting and open house for the new location on Tuesday April 19th.  It starts at 4 pm and runs until 6 pm.  You do have permission to use the Fat City/The Center City parking lot for the open house. 

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