Release Ordered For Man Convicted In Illinois Girl's Death


SYCAMORE-----A 76-year-old man a prosecutor says was wrongly convicted in the murder of an Illinois schoolgirl in 1957 is on his way to freedom.

A judge ordered the release of Jack McCullough, a retired security guard from Washington State. McCullough was convicted in 2012 for Maria Ridulph's killing and sentenced to life in prison. It was one of the oldest unsolved U.S. cases to go to trial. The order came at a hearing in Sycamore, Illinois on Friday.

DeKalb County State's Attorney Richard Schmack conducted a six-month review of the case. Schmack concluded that McCullough could not have killed Maria. Schmack found evidence to support McCullough's claim that he was 35 miles away in Rockford, Illinois when Maria was abducted.

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