Decatur students, volunteers work to clean up the city

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DECATUR - The Decatur Family YMCA teamed up with Decatur Public Schools District 61, St. Teresa High School, the Beautify Decatur Coalition, and city officials to participate in "Operation Cleanup Decatur" on April 15.

Officials say Operation Cleanup Decatur coincides with the 2016 Global Youth Service Day.  High school juniors and seniors from the area worked to pick up trash during a three-hour cleanup effort.  YMCA staff and volunteers, Beautify Decatur Coalition members and volunteers, Caterpillar employees, and St. Mary's Hospital's Green Team also participated in the cleanup.

Efforts were concentrated to three zones; the Eisenhower High School/St. Mary's Hospital zone, the MacArthur High School Zone, and the St. Teresa/Route 51 South/Old Kings Orchard zone.  Volunteers participated in the cleanup from 8:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m.

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