UI Committee Recommends New Mascot

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Champaign-Urbana- The Ad Hoc Committee for the Exploration of a New Mascot has submitted a report to University of Illinois Administration recommending the school get a new mascot.

The recommendation comes after 8 weeks of meetings with various stakeholders including, students, alumni, faculty, student athletes and members of the community.

During the meetings they heard support for keeping Chief Illiniwek, staying without a mascot, and getting a new mascot. Ultimately, the committee decided from the public testimony that is was time for the university to put forth a process to select a mascot.

The recommendation passed the committee with a vote 9-1-3.  It was then brought to the full Student Senate  for a vote which was overwhelmingly approved with a vote of 28-2-1.

The Co-Chairs of the committee,  Alex Villanueva and Mark Schaer will now meet with Chancellor Barbara Wilson next week to discuss the 8 page comprehensive report.

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