Temperatures hit 80 degrees for first time in 2016

Temperatures hit 80 degrees for first time in 2016

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CENTRAL ILLINOIS -- It was a beautiful start to the weekend on Saturday with lots of sunshine and warmer air. For the first time in 2016 some areas reached 80 degrees in central Illinois. Meteorologist Kevin Chierek says this same set up will be sticking with us through the start of next week.

This pleasant stretch of weather can be associated with what meteorologists call an “Omega Block”. Chierek says the jet stream sets up to look like the Greek letter “Omega” across the United States. This allows for warmer air and sunshine across most of the central plains and cooler, more damp conditions across both the east and west coast.

Don’t get too comfortable though. Chierek says this “Omega Block” will be diminishing by Monday. This will allow our next system to push in and bring the chance for showers and T-Storms starting Tuesday of next week.

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