Late Paychecks for Lawmakers


SPRINGFIELD- Lawmakers will now be receiving the same treatment that state agencies have been dealing with when it comes to payments.

Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger announced in Chicago, Sunday, that the general assembly along with Constitutional officers will not receive their paychecks, that are due at the end of April. Instead, the legislators and officers will receive there payments just like the other state entities through cash vouchers that can take in some cases up to 2 months to file and pay out.

Munger said the state is desperate for cash and shifting priorities with the available cash they have is the only logical option. 

Munger said, "our compensation will be processed monthly as required by state statue but it will be put in the cue with all other bills waiting to be paid."

More than 177 members of elected officials cost the state $1.3 million per month in paychecks and more than $15 million  per year.

Munger and her office will release this action if and when a balanced budget gets passed.

Munger said, "we are all in this together and we will all wait in line together."

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