Community Efforts to Battle Heroin Overdoses


LINCOLN- They say it takes a village, and since a heroin epidemic recently surfaced in Lincoln, its taking a town to battle the disease and the overdoses that come with drug addiction.

The Narcan Kit Project is getting help from a local consignment thrift store, Renew, to help purchase the expensive kits for Logan County first responders.

Spear heading the project is Tonita Reifsteck who said, ""its more involved than most people realize we do have a lot of heroin and a lot of overdoses and thats why the narcan kits are so so important."

According to Reifsteck the kits have decreased in their cost but still donations are requested to equip local authorities to be able to combat deadly overdoses.

By bringing in any old clothes, furniture and other items to Renew until the end of the month you can help the town of Lincoln battle overdoses.

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