Lawmakers Say to "Roll up Sleeves;" End Budget Impasse


Springfield - You can add lawmakers to the list of people who will have to wait to be paid by the state.        
With a backlog of bills of over $7B dollars, state comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger announces payments to elected officials will be delayed.
While agencies, colleges, and universities have gone without funding since last summer, lawmakers have continued to receive their money.

One lawmaker says that this should serve as an example of why the impasse needs to end and what it will take to end it.

"Stop the publicity stunts.  Stop the campaigning.  Get down to business and roll up your sleeves and follow your oath and the constitution of the state of Illinois and just get it done," said state representative John Bradley (D-Marion).

Lawmakers will continue the spring legislative session this week before taking a one week break honoring the season of Passover.

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