Illinois State Police Release ACE Results


PESOTUM, IL----Illinois State Police have the results of their Alcohol Countermeasure Enforcement bar ID check detail. It occurred on the late evening hours of Saturday, April 9.

The purpose of the ACE program is to reduce or deter underage drinking in Illinois. The goal of the program is to prevent and take enforcement action to violations of laws associated with impaired driving; the sale of alcohol to minors; the illegal consumption or possession of alcohol or drugs by minors; and increased police presence in the campus area.

Because of the ACE detail, 14 citations were issued for possession/purchase of alcohol by a minor 18--20 years old.

During the detail, bar checks were conducted at eight locations in Champaign County. Here are the results:

White Horse Inn, 510 E. John    2 Citations

Kam’s, 618 E. Daniel                  4 Citations

Red Lion, 211 E. Green      4 Citations

Joe’s Brewery, 706 S. Fifth                1 Citation

It’s Brothers, 613 E. Green    0 Citations

Clybourne, 708 S. Sixth                1 Citation

Papa D’s, 401 E. Green    1 Citation

Firehaus, 708 S. Sixth     1 Citation

Total   14 Citations

Funding for the ACE program is provided in whole or part by the Illinois Department of Transportation, Division of Transportation Safety. The Champaign Police Department assisted Illinois State Police with the detail.

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