Beagle Rescuers Hoping for Help from Lawmakers


Springfield -     Beagle rescuers are hoping that lawmakers will come to the rescue of man's best friend in Springfield.

Members of the Beagle Freedom Project rallied outside the Capitol on Tuesday.
They want lawmakers to pass "right to release" legislation that would give cats or dogs used for research purposes a chance for life outside of science once research the research is done.
Supporters say these animals can still live a normal life, and bring happiness to a family, instead of having to be put down.

"Right now 65,000 dogs are used in these laboratories and the majority of them will die in those laboratories even if they're healthy and adoptable.  When this research is done, and if they're healthy, we want a return on that investment by maximizing their value and enriching a family here in Illinois with their presence.  They make great family companions," said Kevin Chase, Beagle Freedom Project vice president.

Universities and private research facilities say they're opposed because it would add more mandates.

However, supporters of the legislation say it's the right thing to do if public funds are used towards the research.

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