A Helping Hand and a Second Chance


CHAMPAIGN- Hundreds of people in the Champaign area are homeless, a serious problem that one local organization is hoping to fix.
The Phoenix Drop in Day Center, opened the new doors to their brand new facility and location on East Green Street in Champaign. The center helps those in need with job applications, housing, food pantries and much more. Cutting the ribbon at their new location will also now provide showers and laundry services for the most vulnerable.
Melany Jackson Executive Dir. said, "most folks in the Champaign area don't realize how many people don't have a home to go to tonight its kind of a hidden problem in our area but there are literally hundreds of people who don't have a lease of their own."
One man has been utilizing the services and is hoping to get back on his feet in no time. 
Jeremy Davis said, "i lost my job i lost my housing i lost all..basically all monetary and possessions so this helps you to get back on your feet a little bit they have all the resources."
The center is open 12- 5pm Tuesday-Friday and is always looking for community involvement. 
More info just visit the link.

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