Illini's Leron Black Pleas Guilty in Court Thursday


Champaign - It's been a string of less than stellar news for U of i athletics in recent months and it certainly didn't get any easier on Thursday as Illini men's basketball player Leron Black appeared in court.

Black pleaded guilty to aggravated assault, with a sentence of 12 months probation, along with a $200 fine.
It's part of his plea to be part of the Second Chance program, and as part of that program, Black completed 25 hours of community service before Thursday's plea.
The felony charge will remain on file while Black works towards completing his contract, up to six months, and once complete, Black can then plead guilty to a reduced misdemeanor charge for probation, or court supervision.
If court supervision is granted, no conviction will be on Black's record if completed without any further trouble.

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