Decatur Community Comes Together to Fight Underage Drinking

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Decatur- With prom season right around the corner, community members in Decatur are trying to put a stop to underage drinking. 

The Decatur Community Partnership held a town hall meeting to discuss underage drinking. Currently, in Macon County, about 22% of residents admit to drinking underage. 

The meeting included a panel of a Decatur police officer and fire fighter, Decatur Public Schools superintendent, a behavioral health specialist, a member of Illinois Liquor Commission and a parent. They spoke about the dangers of underage drinking, and the importance for parents to get involved to prevent it. Members of the community were then able to ask questions to these experts. 

The panel touched on various different topics related to drinking, including the negative effect it has on the developing brain of a minor. 

Mike Yelovich, a parent who lost his son due to a drunk driving accident, was a member of the panel who told the story of his great loss. 

"If one kid can get saved, then our mission has been accomplished." he said. 

Yelovich attended this panel, in hopes of preventing another parent from having to go through losing a child. 

The town hall meeting was part of the You Actions Matter! campaign, which mission is to encourage adults to help solve the problem of underage drinking. 

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