Celebrate Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day

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April 22 is known as Earth Day around the world. It’s a day for people to come together and celebrate the planet that we live on. Organizers estimate more than one billion people in 192 countries will participate in events this year.

The first Earth Day celebration took place 46 years ago, in 1970, after an oil spill in America brought environmental issues to the forefront of public consciousness. Since then, celebrations have only grown.

Today, in Shanghai, China, people will gather for a recycled art show, according to the Earth Day Network. In the Philippines, organizers have planned a coastal clean-up and children's storytelling hour in metro Manila. Tree plantings were scheduled for Slovenia's Golovec District, high school students in Ontario, Canada, and hundreds of other locations worldwide.

There are several ways to get involved, from participating in a local event to changing your bills from paper to paperless. Here are some suggestions from the Earth Day Network:

·         Urge your local elected officials or businesses to make a substantial tree planting commitment by starting a letter-writing campaign or online petition.

·         Lead a recycling drive to collect as much plastic, metal, and glass as possible.

·         Pick up trash at a local park or beach.

·         Set up a screening of an environmentally themed movie. Consider supplementing the screening with a speaker who can lead a Q&A following the film.

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