Durbin: $70 Billion To Fight Lead Contamination


Springfield – Senator Dick Durbin will push legislation to battle lead contamination in homes and drinking water. 

Through loans, grants and tax credits the Illinois Democrat wants to commit $70 billion over the next ten years.  The program would improve water infrastructure and lead relief programs.  The reforms include:

  • Increasing investments in water infrastructure, particularly through a new grant program designed for projects that reduce lead in tap water.
  • Establishing a mandatory, nationwide requirement for states to report elevated levels of lead in children.
  • Establishing mandatory testing and notification of lead in water systems.
  • Key reforms to HUD authorities and a new tax credit for homeowners to remove lead.
  • A new grant program for schools to aid children with the effects of lead poisoning.
  • Accelerates development of new water technologies.

Durbin’s initiatives come after national attention focused on Flint, Michigan where water has been contaminated by lead.  Three public officials have been indicted in Michigan for their roles in that water crisis.

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