Saving Lives One Puppy at a Time

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Decatur- A local dog rescue home is giving often discarded puppies a chance at life. 

The Hudson Halfway Home in Decatur, is a foster home for disabled puppies. Most of the dogs that they care for have Cleft Palates, but they are not exclusive to this disability. 

Sisters Jeni and Brandy Hudson began the foster home three years ago. It all began when a bulldog puppy was on the verge of being euthanized because he was born with a cleft lip. Jeni Hudson and Rabbit Thomas, could not bare the thought of a day old puppy not being given the chance to live, so they rescued him. Three years later and over 30 puppies later, the passion to rescue these helpless puppies has only grown stronger. 

Caring for these dogs is not an easy task, and requires almost around the clock care. Due to the cleft in the puppies mouths, they are not able to eat and drink like a regular puppy would and require a feeding tube every few hours. In extreme cases, some may require surgery to help repair the cleft. The sisters do not have to do this alone, and have help of volunteers throughout the community. Joyce Patrick, is one of those volunteers, who helps foster these puppies whenever she can.Although, she couldn't resist the little fur babies, and now has adopted two puppies from the Halfway Home. 

For more information on the Hudson Halfway Home just head to this link 

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