Brad Sweeney vs. The City of Decatur

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DECATUR - An update in the controversial court case of former police chief Brad Sweeney and the saga with the City of Decatur.

Friday, April 22, Sweeney refiled a new lawsuit against just the city of Decatur. During the motion to dismiss hearing, Sweeney was told he could not name both the City and City Manager Tim Gleason in one suit. He then had 14 days after the April 12 hearing to refile.

The new suit includes different wording for details, but the allegations still remain the same towards the City and its mishandling of resources, involving Interim Decatur Police Chief Jim Getz driving Gleason to the St. Louis airport in a police vehicle. The full affidavit for Getz and other details can be found here.

The case in its entirety started when Sweeney was let go from the Decatur Police Department February 4. He later filed a lawsuit against the City of Decatur and Gleason. Further details into that initial lawsuit and events leading up to it can be found here

Sweeney's amended complaint can be found here.

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