Student Start-Up Weekend

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DECATUR - Millikin Students combined efforts with entrepreneurs in the community for a weekend challenge to create the next "big" startup.

The Student Startup weekend included a 54-hour challenge for teams to create a new idea, whether it be an app or a new business concept. It was an opportunity for the next step to be made, and a winner is awarded a 'launch' to their idea or product at the end of the competition.

One team created an idea that would serve as an alternative to Uber. Noticing a lack of ride options on campus, these students put together a new way to share and give students mobility.

Estefano Martinez, one of the app’s creators, said, "The name of the app is kibbit, and it’s short for kibbit-sur, which is slang for a back seat driver. Basically, it has three main features, which are: you can find a ride, you can give a ride or you can browse. It allows students who want an extra source of revenue or want to offset gasoline expenses to common locations to provide rides or to students who don’t have vehicles find rides so those are our two target segments."

An update to the winners will be posted as soon as results come in. 

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