Summit Focuses On Mental Illness In Jails


CHAMPAIGN------A group of criminal justice and behavioral health professionals from Champaign County are working with others to address mental illness in the nation's jails.

The professionals attended a recent two-day summit. It brought together teams from different U.S. communities as part of a national initiative to address mental health in jails.

The Stepping Up Summit joined law enforcement officials, jail administrators, county elected officials, psychiatrists and others from 50 jurisdictions across the country. The summit was designed to give attendees a better knowledge of a comprehensive plan that, if implemented, is designed to reduce the number of people with mental illnesses in jail.

Teams from Champaign County and elsewhere across the U.S. looked at the latest research strategies to learn from the challenges and approaches other jurisdictions have experienced. Champaign County team members worked at the summit to develop and evaluate plans to reduce mental illness in the local jail. They said they left the summit with a set of priorities to take action and measure progress on their plans.

The Stepping Up Summit is made possible through the support of the American Psychiatric Association Foundation.

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