PA's Urge Administration To Delay New OT Rules


State Capitol – Home healthcare workers, who help the states severely disabled, could be penalized for working excessive hours of overtime beginning Sunday.

The new rules go into effect on May 1st.  Home healthcare workers, or personal assistants (PA’s), bathe, feed and help the disabled with activities of daily living.  They currently make $13 an hour but are limited in the number of hours they may work.

PA’s say they will be forced to work overtime without being paid.

“Like he poops himself.  I’m not going to leave him in poop because you say I can’t get no overtime.  I’m going to clean him up,” home healthcare worker Andre Sykes of Springfield told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  “I’m getting him up.  Getting him in his chair.  He has to get in the shower in the morning.”

“We have to be close to dying in order to take a day off,” said personal assistant Pamela Long.  “Just last week I had the flu for five days.  I had to work.”

There are nearly 9,000 disabled people impacted by the new overtime rules.  The union representing home healthcare workers says it is an attempt by the Rauner Administration to avoid new federal rules that extend overtime to those healthcare workers.

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