Gold Star Standard for Baby TALK

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DECATUR – Baby TALK celebrating 30 years as well as an achievement of excellence with a Gold Circle Quality of care.

When you hear Baby TALK you think of the multiple programs that help first time parents get over those scary first few months and as many parents know years. The fears are real but the support that Baby TALK offers is unconditional. 

The Early Head Start Program, one of 9 programs within the Baby TALK umbrella, was recently awarded by Illinois' ExeleRate system, a 'Gold Circle of Quality. This system is an indicator of the top early developmental agencies in the entire state. 

Director Courtney Kirk said, "in each classroom we have 8 children with two teachers so each teach is responsible for the care of 4 children and they really build a strong relationship with that child but with the family so they actually become and extra part of the family."

Victoria Taylor, a young mom has sent her son to the program since he was born. 

She said, "Feels like I have another support system he has one at home and another one when I'm not able to be here."

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