Secretary of State Urging Illinoisans to Register as Organ and Tissue Donors


Springfield - Ryan Landers was just a year out of high school when his young life was tragically ended in a car crash in 2007.

While the loss of his son was hard, Jay Landers said that by being an organ donor, Ryan is helping others live on.

Additionally, Ryan's gift is not only helping his father cope, it's giving others a chance at a new life thanks to that gift.

"We thought that first year that the only reason why we could survive this was because he was a donor.  Ryan's legacy has grown to be 68 organ and tissue items to 61 recipients.  This is the whole reason why Ryan existed.  We understand his destiny,"  said Landers.

April is National Give Life month, and is encouraging those who aren't already a registered organ or tissue donor in Illinois to sign up.

In  the state, there are current 11M people with driver licenses or identification cards who are eligible to be organ or tissue donors, with about 6M that have already signed up.

Groups like the St. John's HSHS hospital, the Secretary of State's office, and Gift of Hope Organ and Tissue Donor Network are hoping others join the cause.

"Today we are here to celebration national donate life month.  These actions can offer life saving gifts of hope to almost 122,000 people that are currently on the national waiting list," said donor coordinator Season Hammond.

If you're not already signed up, you can click here to register as a organ or tissue donor.

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