Doctors and Police Call on Lawmakers in Fight Against Prescription Drug Abuse


Springfield - A light has been shed on the fact that Illinois has a myriad of drug problems.

That's especially true when it comes to prescription drug abuse.

Sangamon County sheriff Wes Bar said that,"the rise of prescription pill abuse and street sales has increased dramatically in recent years in Sangamon County with 114 opioid related deaths in 2012."

"We cannot ignore the skyrocketing rates of opioid abuse which is a public health crisis today that is severely costing the state of Illinois," said Dr. Michael Rock, attending physician in Anesthesiology and Pain Management at Community First Medical Center in Chicago.

Police, doctors, and even former drug addicts are now reaching out to lawmakers to help in the fight against drug abuse.

They're asking the General Assembly to pass legislation that would make it easier for those using pain medicine to have access to pills that use abuse deterrent properties.

"I'm now going to do a demonstration to show the difference between an opioid deterrent pill and a non-abuse deterrent pill.  It'll help pain sufferers throughout Illinois by providing better patient access to prescription opioid patients with abuse deterrent formulations.  Patients who live with constant pain have the right to access these medications without being vilified for it," said Rock.

Barr added, "Heroin addicts will sometimes supplement their heroin use with morphine pills, as well as other narcotics that would fill that gap.  The street price for ADP version of Oxycontin have dropped because of low demand."

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