Leroy man arrives at Macon County Courthouse in a unique way

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DECATUR - One man who had a scheduled court date at the Macon County Courthouse on Thursday made his appearance in a very unique way.

WAND News caught up with Ronnie Blalock of Leroy, and his horse, Rooster, after receiving several reports of a man riding through Decatur on a horse.  Blalock said he needed to go to court to resolve a traffic violation.  When asked about why he rode his horse from Leroy to Decatur, Blalock responded that even though he may have been able to get a ride from a friend, he just wanted to make the journey with Rooster.

Blalock says he started his journey from Leroy at 11:00 a.m. on April 27, and eventually reached Forsyth at 9:45 p.m.  Blalock and Rooster camped outside overnight, even as storms made their way through the area.  

After his appointment, a woman caught up with Blalock, and offered to try and find a trailer that would take Blalock and Rooster back to Leroy instead of the both of them making another long, exhausting trip.

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