Ask a Lawyer Day

Ask a Lawyer Day

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CENTRAL ILLINOIS -- The Illinois State Bar Association will be hosting their 35th annual “Ask a Lawyer Day” this Saturday, April 30. Anyone with a question about a legal matter can talk to an ISBA lawyer at no cost from 9 AM until 12 PM.

Participants can call a layer toll-free at 800.252.8908 or 800.678.4009. You can also email your legal questions to; all responses will be provided on Saturday morning. And if you have skype, you can skype with a lawyer at isbalaw1.

Lawyer volunteers will be standing by to provide general information about consumer problems, family law, estate planning, personal injury and other common legal matters. Callers will be given general information about their legal issues, which might include consulting with another lawyer on the caller's specific problem. The ISBA offers a free lawyer finder service at

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