University of Illinois Non Tenure Faculty Continue to Strike


Urbana - Friday marks the second day for the University of Illinois Non-Tenured faulty extended strike. 

Thursday was the first day members of The Non-Tenure Faculty Coalition at the U of I  walked out of their classes, offices and labs to protest the continued stalling of the University Administration in the bargaining room. Most members joined the picket lines at various building on the University's main quad, chanting and singing in support of their union's bargaining demands.  

On Friday, the picket lines continued around the English Building from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. with a special rally at noon. .  While members and their supporters picket at the University, the union negotiating team will be at mediated bargaining.  

Union leaders say they are ready to bargain with the university administration at any time and they remain committed to reaching a collective bargaining agreement as soon as possible.  Multi-year contracts for long time faculty members, appointment and reappointment rights as well as protection of academic freedom remain core demands of the union.  

Numerous community members also joined the picket lines, from undergraduate students to  tenured professors and community members unaffiliated with the University.  "It's ridiculous that faculty don't know if they have a job until just before the beginning of the academic year,"  declared Katie Sreenan, a graduating senior in the college of LAS.  "My landlord requires that I commit to a twelve-month lease, many months before I actually move in.  Why can't the University even commit to twelve months of employment for these professors well in advance?" asked Zain al-Khalil, a freshman in LAS."  Tyler Camp, incoming president of the Campus Union for Transgender Equality emphasized how the solidarity with the striking faculty members was motivated by the expectation that NTT faculty members would be there for the students for many years to come. "We can't rely on getting a good education, unless faculty have some stability," Camp said.  

Union Members say the strike could last as long as 5 days. 

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