UIS Students Opens Community Garden


Springfield - A community garden that will provide plenty of fresh produce and real world experience for college students was unveiled to the public on Friday.

The community garden was opened to the public on the campus of University of Illinois-Springfield.
It'll serve as a learning tool for students of the university, as well provide fresh produce for community members and students.

"This is going to serve as an educational experience for a lot of classes like biology classes, and environmental study classes.  Some of the food, we plan on donating to food services, so a lot of it is very focused on the UIS community, but we also want it to be opened to anyone," said Erica Peak-Nordstrom, a UIS senior.

The intention of the UIS Campus Community Garden is to serve as a model of sustainability, to build community by providing a shared space for students and faculty to come together.

Much of the produce will also be served in campus dining.

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