In-home Workers Protest New Overtime Restrictions


Springfield -     May 1st will mark the 10th month of the fiscal year for the state of Illinois.
Ten long months without a finalized budget.  Ten months that have seen state colleges and universities lay off hundreds of employees.  Ten months that have seen many social services go unfunded.

As a result, as money woes mount, so do the cost saving measures by the state.

"The state says that I have, that Seaver has, the right to 8.9 hours everyday, seven days a week to be cared for.  He needs to be gotten up in the morning, bathed, have his teeth brushed," said Tim Sommer, personal assistant for his son, Seaver.

Healthcare workers rallied outside the Department of Human Services on Friday, pushing to keep their overtime pay, as well for the betterment of their patients.

However, under new restrictions in overtime by Governor Bruce Rauner, personal assistants for in home patients, like Tim Sommer, are saying they're being short changed by the state.

"Just because 8.9 hours expires, does not mean my job stops.  No, I've got to be there with him 24 hours a day.  They're being implemented or shoved down our throats.  He is a governor of the state, not a CEO of a private business," added Sommer.

Other in-home healthcare workers said that it'll not only put workers in a tough spot, but their patients in a stressful situation...

"If people have to go to nursing homes, a lot of them own their homes and a lot of them are used to living by themselves, now they've got to make a big change to move into nursing homes?  They don't get that freedom when they're in a nursing home," said Pamela Long.

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