Families Racing to the Finish Line

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Champaign-Urbana- Thousands of Runners braved the rain to participate in the Illinois Marathon.

This was the eighth year the marathon was held in Champaign-Urbana, and  saw a record attendance of nearly 20,000 runners.

Many of the participants, did not run alone, but rather chose to run with family members.

Marshall and Mo Ulicny, avid runners, drove down from Evanston, Illinois to participate in Illinois Marathon for their first time. Their son, who attends the University of Illinois, is graduating this year, so this was their last chance to participate in the race.

They decided to participate in the half-marathon, and while they were happy with the course, they said they would only come back next year, if their son were to join them.

Another family,  Rachael and David Martin, are siblings originally from Sycamore, Illinois. While they normally  run in the half marathon, they ran the relay race this year, along with Rachael's boyfriend. David now lives in Champaign, and will be getting married soon. They decided to run the race together to celebrate all the changes that are coming to the family.

Brendan and Siena Roberts, a father and daughter from Champaign, participated in the half marathon, as a final race together before Siena goes off to school. This was the pairs first run together, and Siena was able to beat her personal goal.

These families chose to accomplish this incredible feat together.

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