Macon County Sheriff's Departments Newest Member

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Decatur- Macon County Sheriff's department just added a new member to their canine force, but he may look a little different. That's because, 18-month old Chance, is a golden retriever. 

He is the only golden retriever in the Macon County Sheriff's Department. But that is not the only thing that is unique about him. He is also the only dog that came from a dog shelter. 

"His name is chance, because he got a second chance, he went from pound to patrol." Deputy Sheriff Brad Patient said.

Chance's former home was at the Macon County Animal Shelter, just a few months ago. It was here that a member of the Sheriff's department noticed him, and decided he had what a took to become a police dog. 

For 8-weeks, Chance and his owner, Deputy Sheriff Brad Patient trained to become members of the canine force. Like Chance, this was new territory for Patient. 

"I never knew I would love it so much, this has been a learning experience." Patient said. 

Chance is trained in recognizing the scents of five drugs, cannabis, heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, and crack cocaine. He is also able to track scents for evidence purposes as well as locating a suspect. In addition to the typical police dog duties, what sets Chance apart from the non-aggressive dog breeds, is his ability to interact with kids and large groups. 

Chance has been active since April 22. 

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