Surviving Poverty


SPRINGFIELD- 17 families were honored for climbing out of poverty at this years Families of Distinction program apart of the Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies.

            Because of the resources that the IACAA provide through private and public funding, families and individuals are able to re-stabilize their finances and lives. The program has been replicated in states across the country because of the success its resources provide.

Dalitso Sulamoyo, President and CEO of IACAA  said, "how these families have really overcome great obstacles. From places of poverty to being in a better place to either provide for themselves and for them families. And so we do that because not only do we want to remind ourselves of the impacts we have on others lives but also to remind the public that the resources that we receive that are either private or public. That they are precious and they really do go a long way to help transition families out of poverty and into self sufficiency."

           During the award ceremony families were also featured in a documentary.

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