CN To Provide Marketing Support To Inland Port


Decatur – International marketing.  Rail delivery guaranteeing on-time delivery in and out of Decatur.

The Midwest Inland Port Strategic Development Coalition announced Monday that the Canadian National Railway, CN, is joining their group to provide strategic and marketing support to the development of the Midwest Inland Port located at Archer Daniels Midland in Decatur.  The port moves shipping containers by rail and truck.

“The story of the Midwest Inland Port isn’t just being told to the region or the country.  Now it’s being told to the world,” Economic Development Corporation President Ryan McCrady told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.

CN provides fast, efficient rail service that bypasses a bottle neck in Chicago where rail deliveries can sometimes be backed up for days due to heavy rail traffic. 

“Saving customer’s time, saving them money and creating more predictable transit times,” stated CN’s John Orr.  “CN’s invested over $750 million to build our own solution.”

“If you want to do business in the United States you can come to Decatur and do it as well as you can anywhere else and probably better,” McCrady added.  “The fact that a business can avoid delays.  They can get into the Midwest.  They can get to 98 million consumers in a one day truck drive without a delay in Chicago is significant.”

(Pictured: Shipping containers being loaded on rail cars at the Midwest Inland Port in Decatur, Illinois)

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