Tourism Pays Big for Capital City


Springfield - This week marks National Travel and Tourism Week, and in Springfield, Mayor Jim Langfelder and state leaders are  reminding visitors the important role they play in the economy.

According to a report from the Illinois Department of Tourism, visitors contributed roughly $420.5M dollars to Springfield's economy.  Additionally, they helped contribute $7.7M dollars in tax revenue.

Additionally, mayor Langfelder and Cory Jobe, the state's director of tourism, said that the money spent in Springfield by tourists continues to support local businesses, and helps keep thousands of people in the capital city employed.

Langfelder said that visitors aren't only important to Springfield and Sangamon County, but to all small towns across the state as they serve as economic engines in restarting the economy.

"Our visitors stay in our hotels, shop in our stores, eat in our restaurants, and visit our historic sites, museums, and attractions.  And those dollars recycle and multiply, benefiting our community over and over again," said Langfelder.

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