Lawmakers Want Voters to Decide on Graduated Tax System


Springfield - The debate over fair taxes continues at the state Capitol and now, two lawmakers are wanting to let voters decide on a possible graduated tax system for the state this November.

State representative's Lou Lang (D-Skokie) and Christian Mitchell (D-Chicago) are spearheading a two-pronged approach that would put a constitutional amendment on the ballot this fall.
Voters would determine if the state should have a graduated tax system, where people who earn less would pay less, and those who earn more, would pay a higher rate.

That's something they say voters across the state, including in Republican districts, are willing to support.
Lang said it's about creating a fair tax system similar to what other states have.

"33 states have a progressive income tax.  It's time Illinois joins those states.  We're proposing sane and responsible tax increases on the wealthy, and tax cuts for 99%," said Lang.

Lang and Mitchell both anticipate this legislation going to a vote on Tuesday in the General Assembly.

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