Residency Requirement to be considered by Decatur City Council


DECATUR – The Decatur City Council will consider a resolution of support for a residency requirement for all new city workers.

Assistant City Manager Billy Tyus says City Manager Tim Gleason plans to begin talks in the immediate future with bargaining units about the importance of a residency requirement for new hires. Monday, in a study session, the Decatur City Council talked about whether residency should be required. The residency resolution to be considered at the May 16 council meeting will be non-binding but will express City Council prioritization for residency for city employees.

The City Manager, City Clerk and department directors are required to live within the city while other non-represented employees must live in Macon County or within 15 miles from Decatur City Limits.

 Residency requirements are bargained with and outlined in contracts for fire, police, and workers covered by AFSCME with none of those groups required to live within city limits.

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