Severe Weather Reports in east Central Illinois Sunday


Strong to severe thunderstorms fired up early Sunday evening in east central Illinois. Most of central Illinois saw cloud cover helping to limit the chances for thunderstorms to develop. Chief Meteorologist JC Fultz says, sunshine was out long enough across the eastern part of the state to allow the atmosphere to quickly become unstable! Storms were able to produce very large hail and damaging winds. A public report of a funnel cloud 2 miles east of Redmon in Edgar county around 6:56 PM. A few tornado warnings were issues across Indiana and south central Illinois as the storms marched east. 

The largest hail report was in Edgar county near Redmon, 3" (Teacup-or larger than baseball) size hail at 6:49 PM. At 6:41 PM 2 miles east of Oakland 2" (Hen Egg/Lime) size hail was reported and 1.75" (golf ball) size hail reported in Oakland at 6:35 PM. A home in Paris had siding damage due to 1.5" (Ping Pong Ball) size hail at 7:06 PM. A few other reports came in and can be seen in the list below.

A few reports of wind damage also were reported from these storms. A damage to a shed and a tree 2 miles east of Redmon and at 7:10 PM 3 miles northeast of Paris metal shed doors were blown in and roof peeled off. At the same time at Edgar County Airport a wind gust of 66 mph was recorded.

Here is a list of storm reports from the evening: 

Map of reports.....

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