Budget Struggles For Decatur


DECATUR-Residents in Decatur gathered Monday evening at Old King's Orchard to voice frustrations together on the current budget stalemate.

The budget stalemate is entering 306 days and social services are still not receiving adequate funding still. For single parents like Patricia Casterberry providing for 2 children is becoming harder to do since her child care funding from the state was cut off. Casterberry said, "sometimes i have to decide on either is the water bill going to get paid is the electricity bill going to get paid today is the cable bill going to get paid to i have enough money to buy my kids some shoes cause they are going out of them."

Josh Smith, is a student, and a hopeful future accountant but because of financial aid unknowns, he doesn't know if he can stay enrolled. 

Smith said, "I'm a student at Richland Community College and I'm going for my associates in accounting and i might not be able to get the map grant that i need to continue to go to school."

Alongside Decatur's Township Supervisor Lisa Stanley and Grassroots Collaborative together they are hoping to send the message to lawmakers through letters.

Cheryl Flowers, Organizer and Decatur Branch partner of Grassroots Collaborative said, "we really want to deliver letters to legislatures tomorrow or the day after that but very soon we want to deliver letters and stories and let them see how its affecting the people."

To write lawmakers contact Grassroots Collaborative for more information. Visit the link for more.

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