Lawmaker Fighting to Keep Money in "Overpaid" Communities


SPRINGFIELD -- The state of Illinois is seeking repayment of money given to cities, counties, and schools, which the Illinois Department of Revenue blames on a "calculation error".

At least one representative is fighting to keep that money in the communities. Representative Bill Mitchell is sponsoring legislation to forgive that overpayment. 

The Illinois Department of Revenue said they misdirected $168 million since 2014, sent to the wrong state fund.

Overpaid entities include the city of Decatur, which was overpaid by $168,000, the city of Springfield ($352,000) and the city of Champaign ($120,000).

The IDR said they hope to work with local governments to return that money over time, but Mitchell said the state has no business demanding repayment of dollars from local governments and schools already facing tough financial situations.

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