Gun Giveaway Upsets Some Springfield Sliders Fans


Springfield - Sports teams always have some sort of promotional giveaway at many of their home games.

However, a gun giveaway has some fans of the Springfield Sliders feeling upset.

The team's owner says that while he understands the concern some have, it's being handled properly, and professionally.

The team has received complaints from some fans saying that as a family friendly event, the Springfield Sliders should not be using a gun giveaway to draw in fans.

They also believe the timing is bad following the deadly shooting in Orlando.

The team's owner says he's not belittling the Orlando tragedy, and that the gun itself is not on the property at all, and is at the gun shop that is supplying the give away.

He said the promotion is about adhering to what fans in this area enjoy, and giving them a reason to come to the ballpark.

"We just want to get more people into the ballpark that haven't been to a game.  Knowing that the community here is a big gun community we wanted to attract those people into the ballpark and let them see what we have to offer.  So after today and they've had a chance for the gun giveaway, then they're going to come back for future games.  And that's what it's all about," said Todd Miller, team owner and general manager.

Miller also says the giveaway was in place long before the shooting in Orlando, and he said it was important to deliver what was promised to Sliders fans.

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