Illinois Mayors Join Governor, Urging for Stop-Gap Budget


Springfield - It's been a fiscal year full of questions without answers, and for the General Assembly, it's been a year without results.

What sounds like a broken record has been a harsh reality at the Capitol.

Another fiscal year coming to a close and another future fiscal year full of uncertainty.

"There's the possibility, starting July 1st, that essential services could be shut, key services could ceased to be provided, and road construction could stop.  The right answer for the people of Illinois is to get a balanced budget," governor Bruce Rauner said on Monday.

That uncertainty has many mayors across the state concerned.

"We need a state budget.  We need road construction to continue to progress.  We need local governments to continue without delay.  And most importantly, we need to restore confidence for all citizens in the state," said Sean Widener, mayor of Mahomet.

That also includes concern about schools across the state possibly not opening this fall.

"Our superintendent of schools has taken an extra step and we do have money to open the schools, but how long that money will last, is what we don't know.  And that's why we're counting on governor Rauner's stop-gap budget," said Barbara Stamer, mayor of Auburn.

The governor is calling for a meeting with the four leaders on Tuesday, and the General Assembly is scheduled to return to Springfield on Wednesday.

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