House Bill 4351 Will Secure Assisted Living Arrangements for Seniors

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A bill is on Governor Rauner's desk that will secure assisted living arrangements for seniors.  

The controversy started a little over a year ago when Governor Rauner proposed increasing the determination of needs score from 29 to 37. Now a bill on the Governors desk will protect seniors that may have been affected. .

This time last year Governor Rauner proposed increasing the Don score. 

   "He was going to raise it to a level which would affect many of the residents that are currently living here."

A determination of needs score is given to each senior who lives in an assisted living facility in Illinois. 

those scores are determined by the health department. 

"The interviewers are trained consistently but sometimes seniors are able manipulate what their answers could be... they ask them how are they currently taking their medicine who helps them do certain things.. based on how they answer those questions is how their score is determined." 

Rauner proposed raising the score from 29 to 37.. He has since retracted. 

In a statement from his press secretary provided to WAND News she says,

"He has not requested an increase to the don score...however, HB 4351 would extremely restrict the state's ability to transition seniors from institutional to community-based care. "

Health Care officials say senior citizens deserve the care they receive.

"Now their getting their 3 meals a day, now their getting their medicine on time, their getting the social interaction they weren't getting at home."  

Living in an assisted living facility is half the price of living in a nursing home. 

Rauner proposed raising the don score to cut down the number of seniors who are eligible for the supportive living program.  the bill has been on the governors desk since Friday.

  House bill 4351 protects 

44,000 seniors from the 200 million dollar cut to the community care program.

       About 40% of the seniors who live at Eagle Ridge Assisted Living in Decatur benefit from the care program.

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