Illinois Made Businesses Highlight Illinois Products


Springfield - Springfield has plenty of tourist hot spots, and some of those include local micro breweries and farmer's markets.

The state is hoping to cash in on Illinois grown and made products as part of a new way to give visitors an authentic Illinois experience.

Cory Jobe is a Springfield alderman who knows his city well, and he's also the state's director of tourism, and he knows the state just as well.

He says the state has plenty to offer visitors who are looking for "a real Illinois experience."

"From craft brewers to independent coffee roasters, to custom canoe makers and wood working journeyman, Illinois is teaming with crafts people that are proud to call the Land of Lincoln home.  When visitors are here in the capital city, whether they're from across the country or around the world, they love visiting our great Lincoln sites and our great Route 66 attractions.  But they also they like to immerse themselves into local culture.  In addition to great coffee, custom cup's vision is to make the entire coffee experience approachable to everyone and I think that experience is what the visitors are wanting everyday.  A unique experience," said Jobe.

For Illinois Made businesses like Custom Cup Coffee in Springfield, they say it's an honor to be recognized by the state for trying something new and looking to be creative with a passion that they love.

"We've been welcomed very well into the community by visitors as well as residents.  We're proud of it, and we're proud of everything we do and we're proud of using local businesses as well," said Custom Cup Coffee co-owner Kendra Boesdorfer.

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