Anti-Trump Protest Held in Champaign

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Champaign- Stop Trump. That was the message at protest in Champaign. 

NextGen Climate Illinois organized a protest with representatives from the Champaign County Young Democrats and Champaign Urbana Citizens for Peace and Justice. They held the protest outside of the Champaign County Republican Headquarters, to have their opinions about Donald Trump heard. 

"We're here to voice our thoughts and opinions on how scary a Trump presidency could be for climate change and America" said Katie Cronin, the press secretary for NextGen Climate Illinois. She added that NextGen is a non-partisan group, and are not endorsing any specific candidate, but Donald Trump's policies are bad for the environment. 

Josh Hartke, a member of Champaign County Young Democrats and a member of the Champaign County Board was in attendance to express his dislike of the Republican nominee. "You can not give local Republicans a pass on supporting Donald Trump, because in many ways they stand for the exact same things." he said.  He asked attendees to work with his organization to support candidates that he views will be good for the area. 

Not all attendees were in accordance with the protest. Angela Earl, a Champaign resident and Trump supporter, came to express her opinion. "I feel like they are protesting for the wrong reason. I feel like they don't have all of the facts in front of them and realize that he wants to do what's right for the country." she said. She also added that she does support their right to protest, but she believes Donald Trump will be the next president. 

Donald Trump officially accepted the Republican nomination on July 21st. 

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