Illinois ranks high for preventing risky driving


Illinois is the 7th strictest state in the U.S. for punishing and preventing dangerous driving, according to a new report from financial website WalletHub.

The report also found that Illinois had the 2nd highest average increase in insurance costs for high-risk drivers, the 4th strongest for DUI prevention, the 6th strictest for speeding enforcement and the 8th strictest for reckless driving penalties. Illinois ranked lower for DUI criminal penalties, coming in at 30th in the U.S.

“Illinois … really does lead the way, especially within the Midwest, as far as DUI prevention, increasing fines, increasing insurance premiums for people that even have one DUI,” said Jill Gonzalez of “The same can be said for speeding and reckless driving; there are certainly many penalties in place that act as preventative mechanisms.”

Researchers found wide variation from state to state, with no clear geographic pattern to explain the differences. They also found that Republican-leaning states tended to be only slightly stricter than Democratic-leaning states.

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