Allegations and Accusations Against State's Attorney Jay Scott


DECATUR- Tuesday afternoon, Greg Mattingley's Attorney John L. Davis, submitted a petition for a special prosecutor to over see a potential investigation of Macon County State's Attorney Jay Scott. The petition includes various accusations against Scott. 

According to Mattingley, these accusations are coming from past and present employees and due to Mattingley's position as Chairman of the Macon County Board Justice Commitee, he says he is doing his due diligence by submitting this potential investigation. 

Mattingley said, ""personally there are some i believe personally there are others that i just dont know enough and dont posess the investgatory capabilities to determine if they are true or not."

In response Jay Scott released an email statement saying, "Four years ago my opponent, rather than focusing on the issue of who was qualified to serve as Chief Law Enforcement Officer for Macon County, launched a personal attack upon my family.  Now, once again, the gutter politics begin.  These accusations are nothing more than a politically motivated attack by two supporters of my opponent shortly before the election, and is an attempt to distract from the positive successes and accomplishments of the last four years."

Included below is the entire petition. 

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