BREAKING: State’s Attorney candidate Hassinger responds to Jay Scott petition

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DECATUR – In an update to a developing story WAND first brought you yesterday, Daniel Hassinger is sharing his thoughts on the petition filed against Macon County State’s Attorney Jay Scott.

On Tuesday, September 13, Macon County Board Member, Greg Mattingley, filed a petition in the Macon County Circuit, with several allegations against Scott. These accusations ranged from electioneering to harassment.

Hassinger, who is a candidate for the Macon County State’s Attorney position, is responding to comments made alleging the petition against Scott is a “politically motivated attack.”

The statement reads as follows:

“On September 13, 2016, Greg Mattingley, a Macon County Board Member, filed, in the Macon County Circuit Court, Sixth Judicial Circuit, a verified petition for appointment of special prosecutor to investigate Macon County State’s Attorney, Albert J. Scott.

The Petition was filed by Mr. Mattingley as a private citizen.

I have reviewed the petition filed by Mr. Mattingley. I have also reviewed Mr. Scott’s statement to news media claiming that this is a personal and political attack by me and my supporters. According to media reports, Mr. Scott has denied the allegations contained in Mr. Mattingley’s petition.

I want the citizens of Macon County to know that this was not a personal or political attack by me or my campaign. It is clear from reading Mr. Mattingley’s petition that he filed the petition because he received numerous complaints from current and former employees of Mr. Scott. Mr. Mattingley serves as the Chairman of the Justice Committee for the Macon County Board. Mr. Mattingley’s committee has a duty to provide oversight for the Office of the Macon County State’s Attorney.

The allegations contained in Mr. Mattingley’s petition, if true, are very troubling. For me, this election is about community, responsibility and leadership. The people of Macon County deserve better.”

WAND News continues to follow this story as it develops. Stay with us for the latest on this petition.

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