Business Leaders Calling for Help in Turning Climate Around


Springfield - Since being voted into office, governor Bruce Rauner has had his disagreements with members of the General Assembly.

From not agreeing on raising taxes with top Democrats without reforms to holding out on signing a budget without changes to improve the state's business outlook.  

And the governor says  without those changes that he's proposed, it'll only get worse for the state and its businesses.

"Let me be clear, the number one problem that we have for the long-term, whether it comes to violence, or poverty, or low-incomes or anything else, it's lack of economic opportunity and that comes from a lack of being competitive here in Illinois.  We've got to make Illinois competitive to attract more jobs and more economic growth," the governor said on Monday.

On Tuesday, business leaders from the Illinois Manufacturers' Association agreed, adding that more and more Illinois business will close one day at a time.

"Those 300,000 people that are no longer working in manufacturing in the state represent families.  The loss of these jobs really means a disappearing of the middle class in this state.," said IMA president Greg Baise.

"Michigan has grown 170,000 manufacturing jobs.  Indiana, 83,000 jobs.  Ohio, 76,000 jobs.  Wisconsin, 44,000 jobs.  Until last month, Illinois had gained 4,600.  That's less than half of what Idaho did," added Mike Denzler, IMA vice president.

Baise also said, "and yet, there seems to not be an urgent need here in Springfield to address this particular problem."

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